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Interior Plumbing & Drainage Repair Plan

There’s a complicated network of pipes, lines, valves and drains that make up your home’s plumbing system. All these parts can get clogged and break as they age and it's your responsibility to fix these problems. Plus, most pipes and drains sit behind your walls, making it more difficult to know when something will go wrong. When problems do occur, leaks and clogged drains need to be fixed quickly before they cause flooding and water damage to your home.

With a HomeServe repair plan, you can get expert repairs from qualified technicians and get protection from high repair costs. Coverage includes the emergency breakdown costs of repairing or replacing drainage pipe materials, valves and other plumbing-related material, including unblocking, repair and replacement up to the annual benefit amount.

Repair Plan Benefits

  • 24-hour repair service hotline
  • Local, licensed, and insured technicians
  • $0 deductible
  • One year guarantee on all covered repairs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

How plumbing and drainage problems can affect your home and property:

  • leaking or blocked toilets prevent the proper drainage of waste
  • burst pipe behind your walls or ceilings can cause property damage
  • blocked or slow shower or sink drains
  • leaking supply pipe to your water heater can cause no hot water

Repairs can cost hundreds of dollars to clear obstructions, snake drains, replace drain pipes and remove dry wall. When an emergency happens, you need qualified plumbing help fast, before water damage occurs. With our low-cost repair plan, you can get access to our 24/7 repair hotline and local, licensed and insured technicians with protection from high repair costs.

Interior Plumbing & Drainage

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What's Covered?

  • Leaking water pipes
  • Blocked and/or overflowing toilets
  • Overflowing blocked sinks
  • Broken water valves
  • Burst water service line under the property
  • Burst or blocked sewer drain under the property

‡ HomeServe national average repair costs as of April 2013. No charge for covered repairs up to your annual benefit amount.


  • Single-family homes

Not Eligible

  • Commercial properties
  • Multi-unit dwellings
  • Residences not affixed to a permanent foundation
  • Recreational vehicles

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide to cancel your coverage in the first 30 days, you will receive a complete refund less any claims paid.

See Terms & Conditions for full cancellation policy.

Interior Plumbing & Drainage Videos

  • Aaron Szabo shares his interior plumbing and drainage repair experience

  • Robert & Enola share their interior plumbing and drainage repair experience

Aaron Szabo shares his interior plumbing and drainage repair experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my homeowners insurance or local utility cover repairs to the systems around my home?

Most basic homeowners insurance policies and local utility companies or municipalities do not cover repair or replacement of the major systems in and around your home.  Click here to see if your insurance company provides coverage for exterior water or sewer/septic line breaks.

If you find you have similar coverage, you can contact HomeServe to receive a refund of your service agreement fee, less any claims paid.

Who is eligible for coverage?

Typically a single-family residential homeowner may be eligible. However, some of our coverage plans are also available for mobile homes and multi-unit dwellings.  Recreational vehicles and properties used for commercial purposes are not eligible for coverage. For full eligibility information, enter your ZIP Code to see the Terms and Conditions.

How do I purchase a repair plan?

Please enter your ZIP Code to find available plans in your area or call HomeServe directly at 1-855-336-2465 to speak with a representative.

After I purchase a plan, when does my coverage begin?

Your plan will start the day your order is processed, and for most of our plans, there is an initial 30-day waiting period before you can make a claim, giving you 11 months of coverage during the first year. This prevents service calls on pre-existing conditions and helps keep the coverage affordable.

I need a repair. What should I do?

Step 1: If you should suffer a home repair emergency that is covered by your plan, call HomeServe toll-free at 1-855-336-2465 and one of our customer service specialists will get you started on your claim. 

Step 2: A local, licensed and insured technician will be dispatched to your home to make the covered repair or replacement. 

Step 3: Once covered repairs are completed, just sign the repair form and we pay the technician directly for you. 

It’s that simple!

Who will come to my home to make the repair?

Homeowners who call with a covered emergency can rest assured that a local, licensed and insured technician will respond to the call and carry out the repair in a professional manner. Each service technician is hand selected and rigorously screened before acceptance. Screening includes verification of certification and an in-the-field evaluation.

Important Coverage Information

Typically, there is a 30-day waiting period, giving you 11 months of coverage in year one. Coverage is for the repair of an emergency breakdown of the interior plumbing and drainage system servicing your single-family residential home, caused by normal wear and tear, not due to accident or negligence. Eligible properties include single-family residential homes that remain occupied without a 30-consecutive-day absence. Coverage may be cancelled within 30 days of the effective date for a full refund; all other cancellations will result in a pro-rata refund less any claims paid.


Garbage disposal, dripping faucet fixture, faulty pressure reducing valve, faulty backflow preventer, running toilet. See Terms & Conditions for full list of exclusions.

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