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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is around the corner, and this is the best time to spruce up your home after the long winter. Here are a few maintenance tips to tackle before spring begins.

Start from the very top:
Begin by inspecting your home from top to bottom. Take a good look at your roof to see if any part has been damaged by snow or ice. Fix damaged portions immediately, or you may have warm air entering your home during the hot months, which can make your cooling system work harder to keep the temperature indoors cool. Loose roof tiles will also need to be replaced to ensure that they do not fall to the ground, posing a threat to someone or something under them. Also, check your gutters, drains and downspouts for any damage that may have occurred over the winter months.

Inspect your home:
Take a walk around your home, inside and out, to ensure that there is no physical damage. If you do find an area that needs repair, get the issue resolved before it gets any worse. Sometimes you will need to replace damaged parts, like broken floorboards in the attic or on the porch. Leaving problematic areas untouched may only allow the problem to worsen over time.

Power wash your porch:
Winter may have left tons of leaves and twigs all around your property and especially on your front and back porch. Take an afternoon to clean your property of fallen leaves and debris. Power wash the porch to get rid of the dust and grime along with the leaves. Use soap for better cleaning, but remember: the more detergent you use, the more water you will need to wash it off, so use a mild detergent for easy cleaning.

Clean gutters:
Winter's deposit of leaves and twigs may affect your gutters, too. Take off gutter lids and clear them of twigs and leaves or any other dirt settled at the bottom. This debris may obstruct the flow of water and may clog your gutters, leaving excess water to overflow back onto your property.

Trim and prune:
As temperatures start to rise, give your plants an early start to help them grow. Mow the lawn if the grass is too high and prune plants so they can grow all summer long. Don't worry if plants appear bare in early spring as the warmth through spring and summer will bring lush growth.

Check smoke detectors:
One of the most important things to do around your home is to ensure your smoke detectors work properly. Make sure the batteries are still functional and make certain that smoke detectors are thoughtfully placed around your home so you are easily able to hear them in case of an emergency. 

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