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Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

Electrical problems are quite common around the house, especially because of old or faulty wiring. This doesn’t mean that homes with newer electrical components and more up-to-date wiring do not face the threat of an electrical issue. The difficulty of troubleshooting electrical problems can vary- some cases may just require you to rewire the faulty connection while others might require the intervention of a professional. Here’s a few things to keep in mind, not just to make things easier for you, but to keep you safe as well.

Do not attempt fixing unfamiliar issues- 
If you are not familiar with electrical troubleshooting or have never successfully managed to fix an electrical problem before, it’s best to get professional help to fix the problem. A professional will not only be able to resolve your electrical issues quickly, but also ensure that it’s done perfectly in the first go. Also, trying to fix an electrical issue yourself without the proper precautions may lead to serious injury or even death in some cases. If you do attempt to fix an electrical issue yourself, ensure to take the proper precautions to avoid electrocution.1

Determine if the issue is internal or external- 
Sometimes the electrical problems in your home can arise from an external fault. Such issues can only be fixed by the utility company that provides power to your home. Get in touch with your utility provider to have the electric problem fixed. Never attempt to tamper with or fix external power lines if you identify an issue. Troubleshooting these issues requires specialized training which is why you must reach out to your utility provider.2

Be sure to turn off the power- 
When handling wiring to fix electrical problems around your home, make certain to turn off the power from the main breaker panel. This will help you stay safe whilst trying to fix the issue. Turn the power back on when you are done with the repair and check to see if the problem has been resolved. If you find that the electric issue is not resolved after your first attempt at fixing it, be sure to turn off the power before you try again. It is essential that you never attempt to fix an electrical issue when the power is still on. Contact a professional in case of a persistent electrical issue, or if you feel the repair is more than you can handle.2

Test and repair or replace- 
If you are looking to troubleshoot the problem yourself, identify the issue to begin with. Often, a flickering light bulb or a dead socket could be the result of a fault in the breaker. There may also be a possibility that the fault has been caused due to multiple electrical issues. Try re-wiring the faulty outlet or re-fit the flickering bulb to see if they work correctly before deciding to replace the faulty electrical part. This will save you from going to the store to buy a replacement part that might not be needed. If you do not feel comfortable completing an electrical repair, contact a local electrician to complete the work.3

Don't overlook recurring issues- 
If you have an electrical problem around the house often and manage to fix it temporarily each time, consider having the electric in your home inspected by a professional. You may need to change the wiring in your home to solve the issue permanently. Ignoring repetitive electrical issues caused by old wiring can pose the threat of a fire caused by electric sparks, along with the possibility of affecting your appliances around the home too. A professional will be able to provide the needed solution to your problems so both you and your home stay safe.4

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