The cost of unanticipated home utility repairs can be devastating to your customers, especially in these difficult economic times.  The experience is even more unpleasant when you, as their utility, must inform them that the responsibility for the repair lies with them.  A poor customer experience can damage the relationship you’ve worked so hard to establish.

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As a HomeServe partner, you can offer your customers a suite of low-cost plans that covers the cost of repairs, and provides a fast, easy solution to their repair problem — all without deductibles. Offering these essential products to your customers sends a strong message that you care, and want to help protect them from the cost of emergency repairs - and that translates into heightened customer satisfaction, and better community relations.

HomeServe Repair Programs are simple, turnkey solutions that allow you to add new services and benefits to your customer service offerings. HomeServe will partner with you to develop a program that will meet your customer's needs as well as your service expectations. HomeServe’s industry knowledge, combined with our experience and capabilities, makes us uniquely qualified to partner with your utility to create the best value and experience for your customers.

How It Works

We take care of every aspect of the program for you. Our experienced team of marketing professionals prepare custom-tailored communications that are true to your brand and speak directly to your customers. Once you approve the communications, we print and distribute them to your customer base at no cost to you. We even manage and route emergency service calls through our 24/7/365 repair hotline, and dispatch jobs to local, licensed and insured technicians to make repairs.

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Want to learn more about HomeServe and how our plans can increase customer satisfaction for your utility or municipality?

Schedule a meeting with one of our regional representatives to learn more. We can walk you through the program and help you customize a home utility repair service program for your customers.

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Our Valued Partners

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Partnership Benefits


 Why Partner With Us?

  • We are the largest utility presence amongst all providers in the industry, with nearly 40 utility partners covering 22 million residential customers
  • Unequaled experience, with operations in the U.S. for over 10 years and globally for 20 years
  • Dedicated to the utility marketplace, with custom-built systems and processes
  • Deep knowledge of the commercial, legal and regulatory issues in offering these programs to utilities
  • Commitment to product innovation by managing over 500 unique product configurations
  • Large suite of product enhancements, making our coverage plans the most comprehensive in the industry
  • In-house staff of over fifty marketing professionals comprised of campaign, creative, print & production, strategy and digital teams with extensive industry experience
  • Proven multi-channel approach to marketing including phone, mail and internet
  • Rigorous technician recruitment and screening standards
  • Quality repairs and customer service, with thousands of job audits each year ensuring quality standards are maintained at all times

Quality Repair Network
Our unique approach places seasoned technical Area Network Managers directly in the field to maintain close links with our technicians, to perform site visits to assist our customers, and to audit jobs to ensure quality standards are maintained at all times. This ensures our 98% plus customer satisfaction rating. In addition, we employ two master plumbers that are available as an additional resource.
Technicians that achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction through our satisfaction survey will be granted more work, so you can be sure that the customers in the program will be receiving the highest quality service. We also utilize a mystery shopper program, and have our internal quality assurance team review forty calls per month to ensure that our call center agents are meeting required standards in customer satisfaction.

Reliable Communications
Call center agents are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and on holidays to field any claims. Technicians within the network are required to be available and onsite in the event of an emergency within several hours or within 24 hours for a non-emergency.

Customer Service
At HomeServe, the customer is at the heart of everything we do - from our front-line employees to our CEO, customer satisfaction is a number one concern. We have a monthly Senior Management Team meeting (including all of our C-level executives) to review all customer concerns. They examine the data, review customer touch points, and any subsequent resolution. This allows us to quickly adjust training, policy and/or procedures, as needed. We also have a dedicated customer advocacy group that helps review concerns that have not been handled to the customer’s satisfaction.  In addition, HomeServe’s customer charter reinforces our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Marketing Approach
Our marketing methodology will be structured to mirror your program goals. You will be given all communications to approve before they are produced and mailed. In addition, we can show you how to create maximum awareness of homeowner responsibility. This will offer your community the highest level of peace of mind. We offer a coherent multi-channel approach to educating your customers. This gives people the opportunity to receive the information and sign up for the program in the method that is most comfortable and convenient for them.

In addition to mailing directly to your customers, we can offer the following marketing channels:

  • Bill Inserts
  • Welcome Calls
  • On-Site Publicity
  • Custom Website
  • Sales Through Service
  • Retention
  • Public Relations

Innovative Products

Every community is unique and we are able to build products that address your needs. This allows your product to provide the most relevance, value and peace of mind for your residents. We demonstrate this commitment to product innovation by managing over 500 unique product configurations. We also have a large suite of enhancements, making our coverage the most comprehensive in the industry with the most customer-focused features and the smallest number of general exclusions.

  • Exterior Water Service Line
    Repairs or replacement of the home’s exterior fresh water line including locating, excavating and repairing leaks as well as replacing the pipe segments.
  • Exterior Sewer/Septic Line
    Repairs or replacement of a clogged sewer line, collapsed sewer line section and/or a clogged septic line.
  • Interior Plumbing & Drainage
    Repairs, replacement or unblocking of internal plumbing pipe materials, valves and other plumbing-related materials.
  • Interior Electrical Wiring
    Repairs or replacement of faulty outlets or GFCI, wiring or rewiring circuit to breakers, individual breakers, breaker panel or fuse boxes and junction boxes.
  • Exterior Electrical Wiring
    Repairs to the weather head, insulator, riser, meter base, service entrance conductor and underground service lines (for underground setups).
  • Heating System Repair
    Covers most major parts of a central natural gas or propane, forced-air or circulating hot water heating system.
  • Cooling System Repair
    Covers most major components of an electric central air conditioning system.
  • Water Heater Repair & Replacement
    Repairs or replacement for most major parts of tank-based and electric, natural gas and propane water heaters.
  • Interior & Exterior Gas Line
    Repairs of interior gas lines, from the point of entrance into the home to the shutoff valve at each gas appliance and the natural gas plumbing supply line outside the home.
  • Custom features that can also be included in your program:
    • Leak Detection: The contractor reviews a checklist with the homeowner to assess any issues with faucets and pipes to make them aware of any updates or fixes that might need to be addressed.
    • Water Loss Rebates: Conservation feature that provides protection against excessive water bills, and costs only a couple extra dollars a month.
    • Inflow and Infiltration: Addition to the sewer line product that allows for smoke testing to see if any root infiltration or soil shifting has damaged lines.
    • Multi-Family Dwelling Units: Covered by HomeServe products, not typically covered by other providers.

Service Quality and Total Customer Care

At HomeServe, the customer is at the heart of everything we do; from our front-line employees, through to our CEO, customer satisfaction is a number one concern.

Each month, our Senior Management Team, along with all of our C-level executives, meet to review all customer concerns. They examine the data, review customer touch points and the subsequent resolution. This allows us to quickly adjust training, policy and/or procedures, as needed. In addition, HomeServe’s customer charter reinforces our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Call center agents are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and on holidays, to field emergency claims calls. Our fully screened, local technicians within the network are required to be readily available and onsite in the event of an emergency.

Click below to see how we will meet your customers’ needs as well as your service expectations:

Contact Center
We operate an in-house call center with over 400 employees located in Chattanooga, TN. Our contact center operations are all located in the U.S. We have a 99.9% uptime requirement of our phone and other mission critical systems. All of our inbound calls are recorded and monitored for quality assurance.

Sales & Customer Service
Our sales and customer service is available Monday – Friday, 8am to 8pm EST and on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm EST. It is closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (and the following day), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. A caller who reaches our Sales and Customer Service line when it is not staffed gets a recording that provides our hours of operation.  

We have customer service representatives that are bilingual (English/Spanish) and are able to take calls directly from Spanish speaking customers. Should a non-Spanish speaking team member receive a call, the appropriate associates are readily available to respond to the inquiry.

Repair Management & Claims Processing
HomeServe’s claims handling and network dispatch center is a 24/7/365 operation and is staffed to provide exemplary customer service. If a customer calls into any of our phone lines, they have prompts to be routed to our repair management group for emergencies. Once we receive a call, customer repair requests are given priority depending upon urgency. This is determined following a dialog between our representatives and the customer.

For emergency situations, before a job is dispatched to the technician, that technician must be available to visit the site immediately.

For non-emergency situations, our team also dispatches jobs to the network of service providers operating within the given locale. The repair management team confirms that the contractor can perform the repair within the required time frame and authorizes repairs on behalf of HomeServe. We pay the contractors directly and plan rates are not affected by usage of the programs.

We recognize the importance of a positive customer experience, even when a claim is not covered by a customer’s policy. In all instances of a denied claim, we offer the customer the opportunity to use one of our licensed network contractors, who will honor HomeServe’s negotiated rate.


  • HomeServe ensures that all customer representatives receive proper training, on both a product and partner basis.
  • New contact center representatives are given a three-week, training program.
  • Training is conducted in a live, connected classroom for real-world experience.
  • The objective of this initial training is to familiarize new staff with HomeServe product offerings, and our approach to service excellence.
  • Trainees take actual calls under the guidance of the training coordinator and our floor supervisors, followed by daily tests and debrief sessions.
  • Monthly continuing education programs support our quality assessment process whenever new partners or products are introduced.

Partner Testimonials

Our partners enjoy many benefits that come with a shared business relationship with HomeServe USA. From connecting their customers to a robust contractor network, excellent customer service resources and affordable coverage, partnering with HomeServe makes sense in every way. But don't take our word for it.

Hear directly from our partners to learn why they do business with HomeServe USA.

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