The Top 5 Furnace Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Technician checking furnace

Do you hear any of these noises coming from your furnace? Could be a sign that it’s time to schedule a service tune-up.

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15 and Fabulous Getaway

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Fifteen years can feel like an eternity to some and a blink of an eye to others. I look back to where my life was 15 years ago and it seems like 2003 was yesterday. (I think that my 15-year-old daughter would totally disagree.) Since nostalgia is a “thing” these days, I decided to take a look back to 2003. Shocking to think how much has changed in 15 years.

Woman turning on thermostat DIY 

The EASIEST Way to Install a Thermostat

Considering a new thermostat? Installing a programmable one is easy when you use these tips.

Energy Top Tips and Lists 

Turning Off the Lights Isn’t the Only Way to Save Energy & Money

The math is relatively simple: You pay for the amount of energy you consume in your home. Check out these energy efficient appliances.

5 Ways to Boost Energy Efficiency Electric 

Conserve Energy at Home With These Five Easy Tips

Use these tips to improve your home’s energy efficiency.