Top Tips and Lists Know Your Equipment Heating & Cooling

The Age Old Question: Is My Water Heater Gas Or Electric?

hand adjusting temperature on water heater

Find out if your water heater is gas or electric with these simple steps.

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This Home Decluttering App Can Help You Organize Your Life

This new app can help you declutter, organize and stay in the know for things home related.  

Fridge Top Tips and Lists  Know Your Equipment 

What Refrigerator Should I Buy for My Kitchen?

Is it time to invest in a new refrigerator? This list will help you decide what features and which model is best for your home and your budget.

Common washer and dryer problems and how to fix them Top Tips and Lists  Know Your Equipment 

How to Fix Common Washer and Dryer Problems

Are you experiencing washing machine problems or clothes dryer problems? Try these DIY appliance repair fixes. 

Spotting Top Tips and Lists 

4 Reasons You Should Buy a Home Warranty Plan

Learn why a home repair plan or home warranty is a smart purchase for your home.