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Exterior Service Line Plus

From the pipe that brings water in, to the network that distributes it throughout your home, to the drainage and sewer/septic line that carries it away, the water/drainage system in your home is complex and expensive to repair.

With a repair plan from HomeServe USA, you can help protect yourself from the cost and hassle of emergency repairs. A Full Coverage repair plan includes the emergency breakdown costs of repairing or replacing the broken or leaking exterior water service line from the property boundary to your home's foundation wall, the cost of unblocking, repairing or replacing your exterior sewer/septic line within your property boundary and the cost of unblocking, repairing or replacing of your interior plumbing and drainage lines up to the annual benefit amount. Get Full Coverage and protect yourself from the high costs of covered emergency repairs.

Repair Plan Benefits

Exterior Service Line Plus

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What's Covered?

  • Interior Water Service Line 
  • Exteror Water Service Line 
  • Exterior Sewer/Septic Line

Exclusions apply. Enter your ZIP Code to see the Terms and Conditions.

‡ National average repair costs as of January 2016. No charge for covered repairs up to the service call benefit amount.

In some towns, the service line beyond the property boundary to the main connection may be an additional responsibility of the homeowner but is not covered under this policy.

Exterior Service Line Plus Videos

  • Maryam shares her sewer line repair experience

Maryam shares her sewer line repair experience


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