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Exterior Pipe Plan

As a home ages, so do the exterior water service and sewer/septic lines. Leaks and breaks are usually caused by aging of the pipe, corrosion, extreme temperatures, settling or shifting of the ground. If this line fails, repair or replacement can be expensive and most basic homeowners insurance doesn't cover repairs to the line on your property from normal wear and tear. This plan covers both your water service line and sewer/septic line, which can help you deal with the expense of covered repairs. 

Repair Plan Benefits

If your water service or sewer/septic line fails, it can cause:

  • water leaks or sewage in your yard
  • water leaks or sewage in your basement
  • low water pressure

Most basic homeowners insurance and local utilities or municipalities do not cover repairs to the exterior water service line or sewer/septic line on your property. Buried pipes break—protect yours with an affordable plan from HomeServe USA and get protection from high repair costs with access to our 24/7 hotline where you can schedule repairs.

Exterior Pipe Plan

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What's Covered?

Exterior Sewer/Septic Line:

  • Drain jetting or rodding to clear sewer/septic blockage
  • Relining of cracked sewer/septic drain
  • Rebuilding of collapsed sewer/septic drain

Exterior Water Service Line:

  • Locate, excavate and repair service water service line leak
  • Replace section of water service line

Exclusions apply. Enter your ZIP Code to see the Terms and Conditions.

‡ HomeServe national average repair costs as of April 2013. No charge for covered repairs up to your service call benefit amount.

In some towns, the service line beyond the property boundary to the main connection may be an additional responsibility of the homeowner but is not included in this coverage.

Exterior Water Service Line Coverage: You will be covered up to $10,000 per year with as many service calls as you need, up to your annual benefit amount, for the covered cost of repairing or replacing the broken or leaking exterior water service line, from the property boundary or well casing to your home's foundation wall.

Exterior Sewer/Septic Line Coverage: You will be covered up to $10,000 per year with as many service calls as you need, up to your annual benefit amount, for the covered cost of unblocking, repairing or replacing your exterior sewer/septic line within your property boundary. Septic tank and leaching field repairs are not included in this coverage. This includes all service call charges, labor and materials for covered repairs, so you'll have no bill to pay up to the annual benefit amount.

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