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6 Ways to Prevent a Sewage Backup

You were all ready to go out last night, but something came up – sewage. An overflow in the sewer line is an issue that no one wants to deal with. The culprit is usually a built up blockage somewhere in the line. Here’s how you can save time and energy by preventing a backup before it even happens.

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  1. Never pour grease down the drain.
    Grease looks like a liquid when you’re done cooking, but that’s because it’s still hot, hot, hot! As soon as grease hits your cold pipes, it cools down and becomes a solid, sticking to the pipes’ insides and trapping food residue. 
  2. Don’t flush those solids!
    This includes disposable diapers, hygiene products, or any other items that do not dissolve in water. Aim for the trash can, not the toilet!
  3. Avoid throwing wet wipes into the toilet.
    Even if the label says “flushable.” They can still become stuck in your pipes, especially if there are other things already trapped down there.
  4. Beware long hair!
    Hair is a major cause of pipe blockage, so instead of watching your hair go down (or not go down) the drain in the shower, take some action! Pick up any hair gathered around your drain and throw it out into the trash.
  5. Never throw paper towels down the toilet.
    Paper towels are built for absorption and durability, so they don’t break down easily when flushed; this often ends up causing issues in your sewer line.
  6. Keep an eye on large trees growing near your sewer lines.
    Trees are known for growing roots deep into the ground and causing movements or breaks in your pipes. So, it’s important to check nearby sewer lines and have them moved or repaired before the roots take over.

If you notice that water isn’t swirling down your sink, shower drain, or toilet like it used to, first try using a plunger to solve the issue. If that doesn’t help, it may be time to call in the experts!


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