9 Ways To Winterize Your HomeĀ 

Don’t let Old Man Winter into your home this year - keep him outside where he belongs. Here are 9 easy ways to boost energy efficiency and keep your home cozy and warm. You'll even save a few bucks on energy costs.

  1. Draft-proof your home: You’ll be more comfortable and save on energy costs. Aim for the most common places: exterior doors, windows, and your attic.
  2. Add draft guards to your doors: A simple draft snake will help keep cold air from sneaking in underneath exterior or basement doors. In a pinch, you can use a towel as well - just roll it up and tuck it next to the bottom edge of your door.
  3. Change your filters: Keeping your air filters clean will cause less stress on your heating system, promote even heating, and create a healthier environment in your home by clearing out dust and allergens.
  4. Flush your hot water heater: “Backflushing” your hot water heater will help it to run more efficiently and save on energy costs by removing sediment and mineral build-up.
  5. Opt for heavier curtains: Even the most energy-efficient windows allow for heat loss. Insulated curtains can help keep the heat in and the cold out. Window insulation kits are also a quick and inexpensive way to combat a drafty room.
  6. Get a heating tune-up: If you haven’t done so already, a yearly heating tune-up will help keep your heating system in tip-top shape. Regular, preventative maintenance will keep your system running smoothly, help keep operating costs down, and give you great energy efficiency.
  7. Call the chimney sweep: If you use your fireplace or woodstove during the winter months, schedule an appointment to have your chimney cleaned and inspected to help ensure that your fires are cozy and safe.
  8. Clean out your gutters and drainage: Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams once the snow comes, so take the time to do a thorough cleaning. This includes downspouts and any drainage pipes, too.  

  9. Run your ceiling fans clockwise: Reversing the direction of your fans will push hot air downwards and help to distribute heat. This is particularly effective in rooms with high ceilings, where heat tends to rise to the rafters.

Spending an afternoon addressing minor issues in your home can help you out in the long run.  You and your family will be more comfortable all winter long and you’ll save on energy costs.

These are the 9 most effective ways to easily winterize your home for maximum energy efficiency.  Want 41 more? Check out this list.

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